To anticipate is a key part of effective communications.  So here is some perspective should you be wondering why brand a corporate communications firm with birds and feathers?

For us, birds inspire communication ingenuity.  Their sounds, colours and movements communicate in a way that words and gestures can’t.  In an instant, an entire flock knows of danger and opportunity.

The interlocking of feathers create a sophisticated structure that gives birds profile, protection and lift. In flight, we see detail and purpose working in unison, on an intended destination path.  Well equipped to travel vast distances in tough conditions, birds have an acute perception for opportunity and danger.  They view the world from all angles.

So when it came to refreshing OneProfile’s brand and vision after seven years, we sought birds as a theme that inspires and expresses our ability to focus on the big picture, while appreciate the detail and environment that shape communications.

Enjoy our vantage point blog and stay tuned for insights and observations that recognise the need for substance and authenticity in communications to support an an industry that is big-picture focused yet built on detail and structure. offices

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