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When the Commonwealth Bank recruited some of our best financial services journalists from the industry late last year, it marked a new phase for communications, where corporations are building their own publishing forces.

A team of top calibre writers are now creating content for CBA’s online initiative, My Wealth news, ranging from news to detailed mechanics of portfolio construction and finance. The news component is top-class, designed to be formative and jargon free to help DIY investors grasp the issues they need to know, complete with a community section that archives chats according to topic.

This isn’t the first concept to pioneer the ‘content rich’ portal, but quality content and intelligence are proving to be key differentiators for those looking to restore investor confidence.  Looking broader, many large financial institutions have built in-house content creation teams.  Former AFR features editor Mark Fenton-Jones candidly describes his new role  at Deloittes as ‘story-teller’ on LinkedIn.  Tim Blue, formerly The Australian business, is a content gun for hire.  They, like scores of former senior reporters, are filling the demand for intelligent commentary at a time when investors want and need to read the play.

It is also worth commending Chris Cuffe’s publishing initiative, Cuffelinks. We can forgive the name, but the quality is top-notch, and its concept of expert opinion coupled with industry focus is a killer combo.  Greg Bright’s IO&C[Investment Operations and Custody] newsletter is also a must read for those who appreciate the detail beneath the surface of institutional investment.

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